Tara and Joe

from sunny Denver, Colorado!

Open Adoption Denver | Joe and Tara

Hello, we are Joe Meersman and Tara Nicklay

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We greatly admire and respect your decision to consider making an adoption plan for your child. We chose open adoption because we think that it is very important for you to be a part of your baby's life, not just now, but forever. We look forward to adding a child and their birthfamily to our family tree and promise to do our best to nurture a loving relationship between us all.

This is a short video we made showing us doing... stuff we do!

About Us
Joe and Tara Adopt | Yurt Trip
On an early spring yurt trip in the mountains

We met each other while we were working in a restaurant in downtown Denver. Both of us knew that we were meant to be together from our very first date. Two years after that first date, we had a romantic wedding under an old elm tree. We've been married for over five years now and, even through the most difficult of times, our love has managed to grow even stronger.

We both feel very confident in knowing that we will always love and support each other no matter what. We are really looking forward to the time when our family includes a child to share in that love and unconditional support.

A Typical Day in our life
Joe and Tara Adopt | Tara and Sydney
Tara reading with our friend's daughter Sydney

A typical weekday in our home consists of waking up and having a simple breakfast together with our two sweet dogs, Sadie and Einstein, before heading out for the day.

When we get home, Joe takes the dogs for a walk while Tara makes dinner. We eat together, and catch up on each other's days. In the summer, we often eat dinner outside on our patio surrounded by the garden.

On the weekends, we both like to stay in our pajamas while Tara makes a big, elaborate brunch. We both spend quite a bit of time pursuing hobbies, like sewing, gardening and music, however, our happiest times are spent together, watching movies or cuddling with the dogs.

Our Home
Joe and Tara Adopt | Camping
Making s'mores, yum!

Our home is in Denver, Colorado, a perfect blend of city culture and mountain recreation. We love to imagine taking our child to our favorite campsite in the warm Colorado summer. They can romp through a stream, watch beavers building dams, and maybe even see a moose. We always end our camping days with a big campfire and plenty of s'mores and can already picture the joy on our child's face when they roast their first marshmallow.

During the crisp, beautiful Colorado winter, we can stay home for a snow day, making snow angels and snowmen as a family. Plus, there is no better reason to snuggle up under the blankets and drink hot cocoa together than a snowstorm!

Meet our Loved Ones
Joe and Tara Adopt | Baby Noah
With our new nephew, Noah, a future playmate for our child

Tara's parents are kind and down to earth. Her mother loves to sew and has already begun sewing for our future child. Her father gardens, and loves fishing. He looks forward to taking his grandchild fishing like he used to with Tara and her sister. Tara's sister Mandi cares deeply about the welfare of others and works as a caretaker of disabled adults.

Joe's parents live close by in Denver. His mom is an artist and his dad is retired, so they will have plenty of time to help babysit! Joe's sister, Kate, and her husband Nick, have a baby, Noah. They are overjoyed that Noah might soon have a cousin.

Joe and Tara Adopt | Tara with Grant and Marshall
Left: Tara explains roly-polies to our friend's sons, Marshall and Grant Right: Joe playing with our friend's son Tim
Joe and Tara Adopt | Joe and Tim


Our Careers

We are both very lucky to work at places that value family and offer us plenty of flexibility to spend time with our future child.

Tara is an administrative assistant at a university where she has worked for eight years. Her favorite part of her job is the close relationship that she has with her co-workers.

Joe works in a super hip, urban office downtown where he is a web developer. He loves his job because he enjoys problem solving, and each project is like a new puzzle. Most days, he uses the bike trail that starts in our neighborhood to get there. His pre-work bike ride is a nice, relaxing way to start his often busy day.

What we Love to do for fun

Tara went to culinary school and can almost always be found in our kitchen. She loves preparing healthy, home cooked meals with fresh ingredients from our garden, and elaborate birthday cakes for our friends and their children. Tara is so excited to teach our child how to make tortillas, just like her grandmother taught her.

Joe is happiest when fully engaged and focused, whether that be skiing, riding his bike, or playing music. He has a passion for storytelling, and loves movies and books. Joe can't wait to watch his child learn about how a computer works, or how a baseball can curve out of a batter's reach when thrown with the right speed and spin.

Joe and Tara Adopt | Tara Sewing
Left: Tara sewing scarves for holiday gifts Right: Joe practicing his guitar
Joe and Tara Adopt | Joe Playing Guitar
In Closing

We feel very lucky to be in such caring, open and warm families and we promise that we will do our absolute best to make sure that any child raised in our home will grow up to feel the same way that we do.

We look forward to learning more about you, your baby, and your future. Please feel free to call, email, or text us anytime.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We would love to welcome you into our family as the birthparent to our child and a friend to us.

Joe and Tara Adopt | Joe and Tara with Tim
Left: Hanging out with our friend's son Tim Right: Tara with Einstein & Joe with Sadie
Joe and Tara Adopt | Our Dogs
Joe and Tara Open Adoption Denver